Special Care
for your
Special Friend

Why Choose our Luxury Dog Hotel Kennels?

We look after the dogs of owners who insist on the very best of care, owners who expect that the attention and love afforded at home will be replicated whilst they are not there.

Happy dogs at Natcott Canine Dog Hotel

Our care is individual to a dog's character, routine and physical needs whether that be privacy, mental stimulation or additional playtime and exercise.

All aspects of care are provided as required including medications, and cuddles.

You should enjoy going away and so should your dog!

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Natcott Canine Hotel

 T: 01237 440134

Frog Cottage
North Devon
EX39 6DH

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Dog Appeasing Pheromone Therapy used in our Luxury Boarding Kennels

What are D.A.P.'s

What does D.A.P. stand for?

Dog Appeasing Pheromone.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals within animals.

How can pheromone help in appeasing dogs?

Pheromones are taken in through the nasal passage of the dog to produce a calming effect on a part of the brain that is connected to the dog’s behaviour and emotion.

Why are D.A.P.'s used?

D.A.P.'s are used in the treatment of dog separation anxiety, neophobia, and other phobias and fears and can also help in the alleviation of transportation or boarding fear, excessive licking, or excessive vocalization (whining and barking).

Are D.A.P.'s harmful?

No. Because D.A.P.'s are not considered a drug, there are no drug related contra indications.

How are D.A.P.'s given?

D.A.P.'s are supplied to dogs as a plug-in diffuser.

If you have any further queries about D.A.P.'s please ask.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday

8.30 AM -10 AM Check In & Check Out

3PM - 4PM Check Out Only

Sunday closed from 10 AM

Bank Holidays Closed

~ Natcott Canine Hotel ~
Luxury Dog Kennels North Devon & Cornwall

Our Facilities, Services & Special Care

Special needs dog hotel Accommodation at Natcott

Here at Natcott we pride ourselves on the quality of care we offer you for your dog at an affordable price. Our strap line is as true today as when we first opened our doors to the public, there is only one person who will care more....and thats yourselves.

April 2016 is a new chapter here as we welcome Tony and Wendy Hall. Wendy, as our regular customers will know already has been with us since our early days here, and has been a competent and consistent carer to our residents, her kindness and calm manner around the dogs have made her an invaluable member of our team, and now along with the support of Tony will form a major part of our kennel management.

Tony has been involved with the care and welfare of various animals since leaving school at the age of 16, spending the major part of that time being a valued herdsman, since taking early retirement from farming and his beloved dairy herd, will now offer support with the dogs and the ground maintenance of Natcott, completing our team to allow us to offer 365 cover to care for your dogs.

We are maintaining our prices for the third year in a row but have made minor changes to what you will need to bring with you.

Luxury Care & Special Treatment in our Luxury Boarding Kennels

We now encourage you to bring with you your dogs food from home along with the treats and spoils they would have in a day that will sustain them for the duration of their stay, we will of course feed and treat to your requirements but find that a substantial treat like a dentastix or similar signifies the end of the day and leaves your dog occupied at bedtime. We do still provide a basic kennel mix that is available to our customers that are used to that service.

We do not take any dogs that have not completed a 24 hour assessment as we run a small and select kennel, and by doing this we keep the stress levels down for the dogs to an absolute minimum. Our trial day is charged at a one day rate where we can assess your dog to see if this kennel is the right environment for your dog, we can either offer you assurance or guidance to the best care for your dog.

Facilities and Services

We only offer an exceptionally high level of individual care and attention in a warm, fun and friendly environment.

From a cup of tea to cheese on toast, if it forms part of your dog's daily routine we will guarantee to provide it in a proper home from home style.

We take our responsibility very seriously and can assure you that this is not a hobby for us, this is our life. All and every aspect of your dog(s) comfort will be our priority.

D.A.P.'s Dog Appeasing Pheromones are also used to add to the calm environment we aim to create here at Natcott Canine Hotel.

Your dog will be given the same outstanding care and attention we give our own dogs including any necessary visits to the vet, either your own or mine, if we have any concerns. An overnight visit is always available to make sure that everyone gets on and enjoys themselves.


Our Reception at Natcott Canine Hotel

We have a lovely reception area, and our reception room nearly always has a guest that needs a bit more interaction, normally an elderly or infirm guest that can no longer make the most of the activities on offer, but needs to feel involved with the running of the hotel...


Our kitchen at Natcott Canine Hotel for Dogs

Our food preparation area is able to meet the needs of the most refined diner with meats cooked fresh daily and portion control where needed, we do ask that anyone feeding a raw food diet provide their dogs with a complete version whilst in kennels as we do not feed edible bones to our guests whilst they are in our care. We have availability for nine separate families only which enables us to give real personal care. We have three members of staff on a full day rota, so this means constant all day care for your dog, where nothing is left to chance and provides your dog with a structured routine which is paramount in providing a safe loving environment for your dog to truly relax in.

Daily Routine

Our day at Natcott starts at around 6.30 am when all the dogs are let out in the gardens for their morning comfort break, after their "good mornings" the dogs are recalled back into their rooms where their breakfast is waiting. The dogs are left in peace to digest their breakfast until the morning activities start at around 10 am. This is where the individual needs of the dog comes into practice as an older or more unsociable dog will be happy with a meander around the grounds at their own pace, but the younger or more sociable dog will appreciate an off the lead romp in the centre barks play ground, where we have two acres of grounds with eight foot high fencing to allow free running in safety.

Regular exercise for your dog at Natcott Canine Hotel

Their beds are made and rooms checked refreshing water and making any adjustments needed to provide your dog with absolute comfort whilst they are in our care. this will take us up until lunch time when lunch is provided for whoever needs it. we feed all adult dogs twice a day whilst the young or elderly have three and in some elderly cases four meals a day.

The afternoon activities start at around 2pm and we try to vary the exercise as most of the younger guests as well as the free running appreciate a one to one lead walk, this also helps to build the bonds with them as we bimble around the eight acres of mown pathways, this normally takes us up to 4pm and we start the evening meal. After dinner the dogs are left to relax to the background noise in the hotel, the television in the reception room and the lumbering sound of the washing machine and tumble dryer, all familiar noises to your dog, and a comforting home from home feel.

The dogs have access to the garden from 8pm on before winding down with lights out [night lights on] bedtime biccy and a good night cuddle of course.

Centre Barks PlaygroundCenttre Barks activity area at Natcott Canine Hotel

We have a two acre area with deer proof fencing and filled it with things to do, we have a created hill with levels to help the dog climb with a perfect vantage viewing point.

Jenga jumps a four way scrabble rack, concrete tunnels and huge grass roundabout, all things your dog will love. Within this area is a flat and unobstructed running area where the greyhounds and lurchers can really show what they are made of.

Come & visit our Dog Hotel Luxury Boarding Kennels in Devon & see for yourself what makes us special...